A few weeks ago we went rock climbing with some friends. Trevor and I have been a few times together over the years and it has always been an activity we enjoy. I don't know what it was about this last time but I enjoyed it even more than I usually do, so did Trevor. In fact we enjoyed ourselves so much we decided we need to make a commitment to go more often and have talked about getting month passes. While Trevor and I go to the gym a lot, I have found that the more actives you can incorporate in your life that keeps you moving without feeling like you are "working out" are key to maintaining an active lifestyle.

I feel like living in Utah, with the Rocky Mountains minutes away from my front door, I have every resource to have an active lifestyle! Skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing, hiking, rock climbing, boating, the list really does go on and on. Even growing up in San Diego and having the ocean right there offered a ton of activities. I am so happy I am married to someone who loves nothing more then to be active and constantly seeking the next adventure. Trevor's sense of adventure and look for the next adrenaline rush sure keeps things interesting, and while sometimes he pushes me to do things that scare the living crap out of me (cliff diving off way too high of cliffs in Moab), I am so thankful to have his influence to do things out of my comfort zone. Life is always an adventure with my love! :)

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This week's I'm Loving is focusing on great stocking stuffers! Or at least stocking stuffers that I would love and want, haha. Every Christmas after all the presents are opened, a light bulb goes off and you are reminded that you still have stockings! Santa always went all out on our stockings, and they have always been one of my favorite parts of Christmas. I love small and little gifts, the practical, the ones that make you smile... or the yummy cutie orange hiding in the toe! What are some of your favorite stocking stuffers?

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We have been busy, busy, busy! Phew. There has been a lot going on for us! Back in November my brother and sister came into town at the same time, and with me and one of my other brothers living here, that made four of the six Leavitt kids all together in Salt Lake City for a night! We of course had to get together and do something. We went and got some authentic Mexican food for dinner, San Diego kids are heart, what can we say? Followed up with some gelato at and the yummiest gelato place down town, Capo Gelateria Italiana, owned by a sweetest Italian man. We ended the night playing games and hanging out. Sadly it is rare to have so many of my family in one place together, and I LOVED it, soaking up the whole night :) I wish we all didn't live so far apart!

There have been a ton of blogging events and what not going on! It is the time of year where there is always so many events and activities back to back and while it has been fun to go to so many things, I have been getting a tad burnt out, as mentioned here! But with all of that said, I love that I am apart of this amazing community and have so many opportunities to meet and collaborate with such talented and ambitious people. Speaking of, I have really been trying to spend quality time with my good friends and harvest new and meaningful friendships. I am so lucky to have the people in my life that I do.

Last week we attended Trevor's work Christmas Party. Let me tell you, Attorneys know whats up! It was an amazing dinner and night held at the Salt Lake Country Club. The food was out of this world yummy, and there was so much of it. A whole night revolved around eating is a perfect one in my book. I loved how Christmasy (is that a word? ha) the space felt, the Salt Lake Country Club really blows it out of the water when it comes to the Christmas Decorations. It was fun to get all dressed up and go out with Trevor and meet some of his coworkers. He really is blessed to work with such kind, honest, and smart people. The talent in that room can be intimidating! I tried to get a picture of us together in front of the gorgeous Christmas Tree they had out, but it kept getting fuzzy, so I opted for a selfie in the most adorable bathroom I have ever had the pleasure to be in :) haha It was fun to get dressed up for once! I got this cute bracelet sent to me from Bohme, I will be posting more about them soon.

On 12.13.14 we moved into our house! I can't believe we bought a house. It feels really strange, the first night it kind of felt like we were sleeping in someone else's home, but by Monday morning I was already getting pretty comfortable. I can't wait to really make it ours. There is so much work to do, but it will also be a lot of fun to transform the spaces ourselves. Trevor's parents came up from St. George to help us move as well as some of Trevor's friends. I am so grateful we have such good people in our lives willing to take the time out of their day to help us. I know it is such a drag to move, and to help someone else do it just says a lot about a person in my book. Later that night we went to Temple Square down town to see the Christmas lights and nativities. It was pretty chilly, and incredibly packed (everyone in Utah was there it felt like!) It was a lot of fun and there isn't much I love more than Christmas atmosphere! Christ is the reason for the season! I love this time of year and the focus on Christ, if you ever find yourself in Salt Lake, do yourself a favor and check out all the amazing lights and nativities at Temple Square! On our way out we stopped by the Macy's windows at City Creek, the displays are awesome! If you are around you should make sure you stop by there as well.

We were wanting to get dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, but the wait was horrendous. I do want to make note of something I witnessed though that just warmed my heart. There was a young high school couple waiting outside the restaurant (long wait and line remember) and you could tell they were going to some kind of dance, winter formal or something because the young lady was in this really fancy dress and the boy was in a suit. You could tell from his face that he hadn't thought ahead to make reservations, and you could tell they were in a pickle. A man heard them, and came up to them and offered them his spot in line, handing them his little reservation light up thing (what are those called?! haha) The look of relief and gratefulness that came over the young man made me instantly smile, and as he escorted the young lady inside, the girl thanked the man over and over. What a gesture! This man was willing to inconvenience his night and his plans for the sake of these kids happiness for the night. It put a smile on my face for the rest of the evening.

We gave up on waiting for Cheesecake Factory and went to our favorite sushi place instead. Oh man, I love Yi Sushi Bistro! I am going to start a Good Eats Utah series on my blog soon (I have a hashtag on my instagram right now if you want to see some good eats) where I highlight my favorite places to eat, this one on will definitely be on the list!


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Ambiird Jewelry 20% OFF & FREE Shipping!

Amber personally reached out to me about her jewelry line, Ambiird Jewlery. She recently designed an innovative line of necklaces for her brand called the "Flutter-Set Collection." Each pendant features a gemstone that is suspended in empty space, allowing the stone to flutter with your heartbeat. The affect is absolutely stunning! It is hard to describe the uniqueness of her pieces, so you can check out this little video HERE to get an idea of what I am talking about.

Amber let me pick out a piece back in November, and I have been wearing this Olivia Pendant non stop! It is delicate, beautiful, and special. It really would make the perfect holiday gift for someone who loves a nice piece of jewelry. They have some really special pieces that would be great for bridesmaid gifts, best friends, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, and significant others.

The quality is top notch, and the designs simple, and beautiful. Ambiird is offering my readers 20% OFF and FREE SHIPPING with the code CROWLEYPARTY.

Amber is a talented designer, and you won't be able to get over the mesmerizing flutter of these gorgeous pendants!

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Fawn Design Bag

Did you all see my instagram yesterday? Jenny, the adorable and uber talented woman behind Fawn Design, has launched a kick starter! She has designed a high quality diaper bag that has a simple sophisticated design that goes with everything, and can honestly be used as just a great bag with tons of storage. I have been obsessed with mine, and feel like the quality and style are so on point right now. This bag is beautiful, and can hold a ton. I love the back pack feature! It is made out of a faux leather, and has a really unique half cylinder design. Pretty much taking it everywhere with me right now.
Her goal was to raise enough to fund her kick starter so she could meet the demands of all those wanting to get their hands on one of these unique bags, and guess what... SHE DID IT! She surpassed her goal yesterday with time to spare! So you should head on over to Fawn Design Kickstarter and see why everyone wants one of Jenny's bags, Pre-order one now! #fawndesign


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I know it is winter time, but we have actually been having a pretty mild winter so far here in Utah (fingers crossed) and I know I should be all about the soups right now, but I just can't get enough of amazing salads at the moment! This one from Blue Bird just looks divine and I can't wait to make it. I mean, thick cut sourdough bread sliced into cubes?! Soaked up in olive oil?! Yes please! Check out the rest of my pin worthy picks this week after the jump :)


One of those weeks.

I had one of those weeks. You know what I am talking about, the one where there is so much going on and you start to lose your mind and before you know it, you have completely snapped! This all went down the week we bought our house. First off, I was sick the whole week, which just added to the annoyance and stress. I was also slammed at work, and then there was the buying and closing on our house. After a long work week, Saturday morning I had to work the Christmas Party for my work, and then from there headed off to a blogging event, followed by a day full of shopping for couches. I was beyond exausthed, but Trevor made me talked me into going down to Provo with him to watch his friends band play and check out even more couches. After some more couch shopping (by now my feet felt like they were going to fall off) and before the concert, we were picking up some dinner when one of my most dear friends sent me a text, "Hey dude! You on your way? We're eating weenie linguine!" This is when my heart sunk and I actually started crying in a public restaurant. Yup, I was that girl.

I had totally forgot about my friend's bachelorette party. The one I had texted her twice about to double check on because I hadn't seen the email yet with the details. The one I had been talking about the week before non stop because there isn't much I love more than a party, especially a bachelorette party. I felt horrible. I felt like a bad friend. There wasn't enough time for me to make it before it would be over and Stephanie made me feel better by saying we could go out just us another night. It didn't change how upset I was to miss it and not be there for someone who I have known since I was three years old.

All the stress and being sick came to a head and I just lost it. So if any of you saw a blonde chick crying into her fries on Saturday, I am sorry. I just wanted to go home, curl up and die. Dramatic? Yes, but that was my state of mind on Saturday evening. I don't think I have ever been more upset to have missed something then I was that night, and I can honestly say I don't think I have ever completely blanked like that before. It was a strong reminder that I need to slow down. I have been going 100 miles a minute these last few months, and things like this are bound to happen if I am always a stress ball. After this year, I feel like 2015 needs to be all about balance and simplicity. I know that I will always have a lot going on in my life, and I love having a full and active life, but I also feel like I am missing out on a lot of things because of it. Workaholic? Either way, I want to find that balance that will bring the peace that comes with keeping things simple. Balance seems to solve almost all the problems in life doesn't it? I need more balance in just about every aspect of my life. I think that will be my word for 2015, Balance, and I will throw Simplicity in there for good measure.

We move into our house this weekend! We just didn't have time last week, as you may have gathered, so I am looking forward to that, but also trying to not get too stressed out. Moving twice within six months is kind of a drag, but it has been a great opportunity to purge our stuff and really clean up our junk that has been with us for way too long. So here is the reminder that we can do anything, but not everything! This really rings true in my life right now, and for someone who is constantly going, I need some serious R&R folks.... after the move I guess? #whendoesitend?