San Diego Baby Shower


I love how this shot captures the emotions of the day on my face so perfectly! I am so lucky to have grown up with such amazing people in my life that truly feel like family! My heart is full. Thanks to everyone who showered my little girl with such amazing love!
As you saw in my last post, I just got back from San Diego! Oh San Diego, my heart! I am so happy I was able to make it back home for a baby shower. I still have so many friends and people who are honestly like family to me down there. I was excited that they wanted to host a shower for me! There is just something about being home in San Diego that just calms my heart. I love it.

The ladies really went above and beyond and put together such an adorable shower. There were so many details! I will just let the pictures do the talking but the whole thing was just so dang cute. I couldn't get over the beautifully made paper flowers, and the perfectly matched to the invitation icing on the mini donuts. Those mini donuts by the way were uh-mazing! Ashley did such a phenomenal job on them, which is no surprise since she does have a knack for party planning. Everything was amazing, thank you so much for everyone who helped put it together (Rebecca, Ashley, Cari, Mom) You Rock!
They got the invites and some matching shower d├ęcor from a great Etsy shop called Paiges of Style! She sells printable parties, which I think is just brilliant and such an easy way to incorporate a theme. They used this theme!
Such a scrumptious and adorable spread! :)

San Diego Weekend



I just got back from spending five whole days in my hometown of San Diego! I LOVE going home because I have so many friends and loved ones there that I left behind when I moved to Utah. I miss them like crazy. Being raised in the same community from the age of 3 to 18 will do that you ;) So what was the purpose of going home? These wonderful people I grew up with and love wanted to throw me a baby shower! I was so excited that they wanted to throw a shower for me and it was the perfect excuse to head back home for a bit.

I flew in Thursday morning and my Mom and I went straight from the airport to get breakfast at a little spot in La Jolla called The Cottage. I can't believe neither of us had been there before but it had been highly recommended and we wanted to try it out. We saw the food coming out while we were waiting for our table and both knew we should probably split a dish since we weren't that hungry and the sizes were generous! The stuffed French toast looked too good to pass up, so we ordered one to share. Oh man the menu itself was amazing and it was hard to choose something, so I will definitely be going back! The French toast was so good, and the bran muffin we got with these marmalades was delectable. Everything was perfection and swooned this breakfast girl's heart! If you are ever in the area plan to visit for brunch! They also just recently started serving lunch and the menu was equally appealing.

After breakfast we took some time to drive through all the amazing houses in the area, something we have always enjoyed doing :) We ran some quick errands and then went to go see the movie Age of Adaline. Gosh dang isn't Blake Lively just gorgeous in that moving? Stunning. I really just loved her hair and seeing the clothes she would wear! It was cute, a tad predictable, but the kind of cheesy chick flick you would expect. After the movie we got lunch at Panera Bread, one of my favorites places that they don't have up here in Utah, so that was a must. We spent the rest of the evening just hanging out and relaxing.

Friday morning both my parents had to work so I rode my mom's beach cruiser up to my favorite local bagel shop and got my classic order, the gourmet spinach bagel toasted with cream cheese! Oh how I miss these bagels! I got a smoothie as well and enjoyed the weather while reading my book. After breakfast I swung by the donut shop and one of my favorite Mexican spots to grab a carne asada burrito (the size of my forearm!) for later. I had to hit all my favorite spots while I was home obviously :)

I was excited to spend the rest of day with some of my best friends from high school! Allie couldn't meet up with us until later but Michelle, Katy and I had plans to go to the beach and catch up. Michelle suggested Rita's before hand, which had just opened, and I was very excited to tell them how it had become a favorite spot of mine up in Utah! We enjoyed some Italian ice and custard and then headed to walk Del Mar beach. While the weather was mostly overcast while I was in San Diego, we got lucky somehow with the sun coming out while we strolled along the beach! It was a gorgeous afternoon. After the beach we met up with Allie at a great Italian restaurant in Solana Beach for dinner. I can't remember the name of it but it was sooooooo yummy! After dinner we all headed to Katy's house to have a chill girl's night and just chat and eat junk food. It was so much fun and felt just like our middle school sleepover days! I am kicking myself we didn't get a picture of all four of us together. We were just having too much fun with very exciting news to catch each other up on! I got to bed extremely late, but extremely happy to have had such a fun night with some ladies that I love dearly and wish I could see more often. There is just something about childhood best friends!

I can still see my toes! :) haha

Saturday morning was the baby shower which I will post about soon! It was such a blast and I loved seeing so many familiar faces that I haven't seen in years. After the shower my parents had to go help set up for a Single Adult Dance at our Church. I decided to tag along to keep them company. I actually ended up running into a friend from Utah who has since moved to Arizona, and it was funny to randomly see each other in San Diego! Some people know her as the "Tattooed Mormon" but Al Fox is someone I have had the pleasure to meet several times and attend LDS Influencer meet ups and have become online buddies. She was there on a speaking engagement and she introduced me to the other two ladies who were speaking that day, the Sistas in Zion, who by the way are absolutely hilarious! We all had a great chat and I didn't end up helping at all for the set up of the event and dance. Oops!

After the set up and me hanging out, haha, my parents and I went out to a nice dinner. It is nice to get one on one time with your parents as an adult especially when you don't live nearby. We finished off the night by watching a movie together. Sunday we went to Church, and it was fun to go back to the home ward I grew up in. I loved seeing everyone! After Church we had my favorite, homemade roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, which I have been getting a lot lately actually which I am not complaining about. After dinner we spent the evening chatting, watching a few shows and I wrote all my Thank You notes from the baby shower. Oh my gosh I think I have carpal tunnel! haha We watched the 100 Foot Journey which I hadn't seen yet and ABSOULTY loved it. I have always loved cooking and baking and the movie is adorable and gets you all excited about food and a little hungry too :) haha It was a great chill Sunday evening with my family.

Monday morning my parents had a wedding to attend, so I slept in and had a long face time chat with my sister Kira! Later a friend stopped by with a gift since she couldn't make my baby shower and we were able to catch up. After my parents got back we headed to our ward's (Church) annual Memorial Day Picnic. I love a good BBQ and it did not disappoint, my ward always kills it. The show stopper of the day was Sister Beecroft's cake. IT IS AMAZING! Didn't snag a picture because I was too busy enjoying it. I need the recipe. Again, it was fun catching up with everyone! Later we ran some errands, came home and watched a show. I started to pack and get ready to catch my flight. Once I was ready to go we quickly got some dinner at a new pizza place that opened up by my old High School. I swear there have been so many new places opened since I moved I can't keep track. It was scrumptious! Before I knew it we were off to the airport and I was sad the long extended weekend was over. It was such a fun weekend, and I loved every single second of it! I loved all the time spent with my parents, friends, and all those loved ones I consider family! What a trip!

26 Weeks Pregnancy Update



I swear the weeks keep flying by faster and faster! I am currently back in my hometown of San Diego, California and I couldn't be more excited. I have so many friends down here that are really more like family. They all wanted to host a baby shower for me and I couldn't wait to come home and see everyone. That is also why this update is a little behind!

How far along: I am 26 weeks and 6 days (in this picture anyways)

How big is baby: The baby is as big as a head of lettuce!

Weight Gain: I was all worried about last week having put on so much weight but when I weighed myself this week I had lost five pounds! haha I really think my bloating from traveling was still hanging on strong, plus, I went to the doctor in the afternoon after having a full breakfast, lunch, snacks and a ton of water. I am starting to think I should not put so much weight into, well... how much I weigh! haha I want to make sure I am being healthy and staying active and not focusing too much on the numbers because there are obviously a lot of reasons why I will fluctuate throughout this pregnancy in regards to the scale.

Sleep: Hit or miss these days! Trevor has been really sweet and spends a few minutes rubbing my back before we go to bed. I asked him one night to do it and he has just kept doing it without me saying anything ever since, I love it :)

Craving: For the first time since being pregnant I feel totally normal about the food I am craving and eating. If anything I am craving much more healthier food, so that is good! haha

Random: I can't stop thinking about what our little girl will look like this week. My mom had some different things out for the baby shower and there were a handful of pictures of me on my baby blessing day. I have seen baby pictures of me a million times but this time I looked at it completely differently. Will she look like this? Will she look like Trevor? Or will she be some new combination of the two of us? I am just so anxious to meet her!

Feeling: So happy to celebrate my baby girl with all my friends and family here in San Diego. It has been such a fun visit so far! I will share more in an actual post about the baby shower and this whole weekend, but right now I just wanted to say that my heart is feeling very full. :)