Man I have really been slacking on the blogging these days! This little one is taking up every ounce of my energy and honestly, I would much rather spend an hour snuggling up with her than catching up on my social media posting ;) This past weekend Ella turned six weeks and it felt like a huge turning point for us. My sister kept telling me to just wait until I hit the six week mark and everything would be so much better. She couldn't have been more right! There was something magical about hitting the six weeks that made everything just fall into place. 

She has been sleeping great, pretty much through the night now! On Thursday she slept 7 hours and the other day almost 9! I am hoping she keeps it up and is consistent with it. Breastfeeding is finally feeling good and is less of a drag. All around we have just found our rhythm! I had my postpartum doctor's visit today as well and I am healing great and everything looks good. All I need is some more sleep and life would be pretty much perfection! Speaking of perfection, Ella has been all smiles and cute little sounds the past few weeks and I don't think Trevor or I have ever been so obsessed. We are so in love with her!

I promise to mix up the posts soon, they wont all be baby centered, but for now, this little girl is my 24/7 life! :)

One Month


 I love how confused she is by the camera in this shot! Oh and her dinosaur hands as I like to call them. haha

I have been a little MIA this past month, for obvious reasons. I have finally realized when people have babies why all you see are pictures of their baby all over social media... because she is literally my entire day! haha I don't have much of a life right now besides spending every waking moment taking care of every need of my child... which is amazing and exhausting! I know this stage will pass quickly, so I am trying not to wish any of it away. I can't believe Ella is already one month old today! She has blessed our lives so much.

I figured it would be fun to continue on with my updates like I did throughout my pregnancy with her, and do monthly check ins to have documented. So here we go... Ella really is a great baby! I have been around enough babies to know I have a good one. She is happy and content unless she is hungry, and even then her cry is the sweetest, softest, sound! haha It's adorable. She sleeps amazingly well, and usually only has a problem going down right after being woken up for a late night feeding. But even that isn't too hard to do deal with because as long as someone is holding her she is a happy girl. She LOVES to be held, and she loves a little movement and music as well. In fact one night while she was having a hard time going down Trevor played some of his pretty intense music and she fell asleep instantly. It wasn't just a fluke either, apparently she has a preference to Trevor's music because it always works to calm her down. Must have been hearing it every night in the womb! haha Trevor thinks it is the coolest. 

Ella has been strong from the very beginning. The second they put her on my stomach after she was born she lifted her head right up! We also have to be careful because she has been able to roll over on her side for weeks now. She is always trying to bear weight on her legs, and kicks up on them when you burp her, or put her down in her bassinet. Basically if there is something under her feet, she will put the pressure to try and use her legs! haha She is also very expressive! She makes lots of facial expressions in response to us and we love it. She is also starting to get more vocal making cute coos and sounds. The first few weeks of life she would snort a lot and it was the cutest thing ever. Because she was so little, and pink, every time she snorted we called her our little piggy! haha I think my all time favorite thing she does is the way she stretches when she wakes up. It is a production let me tell you! Head back, arms up, her whole spine curls... this girl likes a good stretch. She loves to have her hands free and will fall asleep often with them up above her head like she is cheering or something. Speaking of her hands her finger nails grow so fast and we have to keep little mittens on her because she claws her face off if we don't. She loves a little hang out tummy time and kicks her legs a mile a minute and makes all kinds of sounds. I call this our exercise for the day! She also has the cutest sneezes that I have ever heard that are always followed with a big sigh/cry of relief after. We are starting to have a routine and while we had some issues with breastfeeding and weight gain in the beginning things are much better now. At her last weight check she had put on 11 ounces in one week!

I could go on and on really with a ton of details but I will leave it at that for now. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that I have a baby! It's pretty incredible! 

Ella's Birth Story


Some people think birth is such a personal thing to share, or that it is "too much information." Everyone is entitled to their thoughts and beliefs on the subject, but I personally think it is one of the most important stories I could share. There are so many reasons why, but one big reason being is that it is hard to find a lot of positive birth stories out there. Being raised in a culture that never hesitates to share the horrors, the pain, or the scary sides of giving birth, you start to believe it is something you should fear. I was no exception to this, and one of my biggest fears in life was to give birth. Just like anything, if you are told something enough times you will start to believe it, and studies show what you believe affects everything, even the experience itself. The same goes towards child birth.

Thankfully even though the overwhelming presence of the culture around me had seeped in over the years, I had someone in my life that was always trying to combat those thoughts and feelings. Having birthed six children unmedicated, my mother has always talked about her birthing experiences in such a positive light. She would share how amazing they were, spiritual even. She never hesitated to share her experiences with us, and let us know how amazing carrying and delivering a child is.

I have decided to share my birthing experience because I feel that as women it is something so empowering to give one another. I think it is important to talk about what a wonderful and empowering experience giving birth can be, and that the important thing is you don't have to be afraid of it...