Sally Beauty Supply Haul

Ordered a few staples and favorites from Sally Beauty Supply so I thought I would do a little haul video :) Enjoy! XO

Generic Shimmer Lights Shampoo

Tanwise Dark Bronzing Sunless Mousse

The Velvotan Original Yellow Tanning Mitt

Orly La Vida Loca

Diamond Dry UV Top Coat

I have been posting my YouTube videos on Tuesdays at 8:00, but am wondering what time my audience would normally choose to watch a video? Are Sunday evenings better? Another day of the week? Any insight would be great :)



Back in November Trevor and I had the pleasure of having Lori Romney take our pictures. It had been a year since we had some done, and I had seen Lori's work online and thought she was amazing! I love all the talented photographers that are here in Utah, and that I have been lucky enough to have worked with so many of them, and Lori is one of those!  

Besides Lori's obvious talent to capture amazing shots, I think her best feature is her contagious personality. She is so FUN, and was able to make my husband (who hates getting his picture taken) feel comfortable in front of the camera. Now THAT is talent! She is so upbeat and her enthusiasm for photography is very apparent. She picked the location and I couldn't have been more happy with it. Utah is so breathtaking, and there are so many unique and stunning landscapes that Utah offers, I am constantly in awe of the beauty here. It never gets old, and it is not lost on me.



Christmas Break Catch Up!

This year for Christmas we headed on down to St. George to spend it with Trevor's family. The Crowley's have a tradition to go out for Christmas Eve breakfast, and this year we hit up Black Bear Diner. I have only been here one time before but I loved it, and it did not disappoint again! I got the cinnamon roll french toast, and it was scrumpppptious! They have so much on their menu I want to go back and keep trying new things. I love a good breakfast spot! Later that evening we had a big dinner and went to see the Christmas nativity and lights at the St. George Temple. I have such a soft spot for that temple for a few reasons, and I had another great experience there that nigh that I will always remember. I will have to share all of those stories sometime. It was a beautiful night. We went home and read some of the story of Christ’s birth from the Bible, had some hot chocolate and called it a night. Christmas morning was full of presents and a yummy breakfast. Every year Trevor’s mom makes these amazing orange cranberry rolls that none of the kids like so I just enjoy as many of them as I like! Haha 


Mommy Mailbox Review

One of the co-founders of Mommy Mailbox sent me an e-mail about receiving on of their boxes. My first thought was, but I am not a mom? They quickly made me smile with, "These boxes are fun for future-mommies-to-be too, Women Over 18 Mailbox just didn't have the same ring to it as Mommy Mailbox ;)" Cute no? I was excited to see what they sent.

So a little bit about the box, Mommy Mailbox is a monthly subscription box designed and curated by popular mommy bloggers! Subscribers get $55-$75 (retail value) of trending products at their doorstep for as low as $27.95 a month. (It's kinda a steal.)  Our boxes are fabulous and designed to make every mom feel special.  Each month we include 4-6 gifts that vary with month, season and curator.

I was pretty excited when I saw that two girls I love online were apart of the collaboration on the December Box! I happen to know Haley Kjar, and love that girl to pieces. They did not disappoint! I wont lie, I was a tad nervous. I used to sign up for Birch Box but wasn't a fan of what I was getting. Every sample was tiny and there were always a handful I didn't care for. But this box really hit the nail on the head, every item in this box got me excited, and I felt that you were definitely getting a ton of value for what the subscription cost.

I do think that this box fits a certain woman's esthetic, and it is totally mine! If you love those special finds from farmer's markets, or handmade markets, you will love every single piece. It is fun to do something fun for yourself, and subscribing a box like this would be the perfect monthly treat. I love the idea of having a fun gift on hand to give a friend, or being introduced to a great new brand or company you had never heard of. To give you an idea of what you get, take a look at my box!

FEATURING: Salt of the Earth, Hello Maypole, Greenish, Plum Street Prints, Make Pie Not War + Rifle Paper Co

I loved everything in my box! The scarf is adorable, I am obviously a huge fan of polka dots, which also made me LOVE the print they sent that says "it's a wonderful life!" I happen to know the beautiful lady behind Hello Maypole and have a ton of her balls, which can be used in a variety of ways for decorations and crafts! Rifle Paper Co. is one of my favorite shops and I can't wait to use these beautiful tags for gifts. I love a dainty gold necklace, and that lotion is something I probably never would have picked out myself but I LOVE it and the packaging is awesome.

If you are looking for a unique subscription box, that  will contain items that surprise you every month, you should definitely check out the Mommy Mailbox!


Bohme Brand Ambassador

Last month I was chosen as a Bohme Brand Ambassador! Bohme is a boutique that started here in Utah by two sisters. I have been a fan of their store for years! Some of my favorite tops I have picked up at Bohme. Their first location was in Orem, which is close to where I lived for the last three years while Trevor was in Law School. If I ever wanted something more unique, Bohme was the place. That boutique element is what really gives them their diversity, and helps you find classics as well as one of kind pieces for your wardrobe.

So what does being a Bohme Brand Ambassador mean? Basically I was interviewed about my personal style and from there a consultant put together some items for me from my answers. So its kind of like having a personal stylist - fun! Then I get to share how I style the pieces with you!

My favorite item they sent me was this scarf. I LOVE the pop neon color added into the classic hounds tooth. I also think grey or camel looks amazing with neon colors, so this combo is perfect. I am also wearing this super comfy lounge pullover. The fabric feels amazing, it sort of clings to you, a stretchy knit and it goes with anything. You also want to wear it with everything because it is so dang comfortable! I have been living in it!

They also sent me a great cuff bracelet that doesn't really go with this particular outfit, but I did wear to Trevor's work Christmas party. You can see it here!

Right now they are offering 30% OFF their clearance, so check it out with code: CLEARANCE30


On Letting It Happen...

I am a planner. From a young age I had it all laid out, how my life would look that is. In a lot of ways my life has just begun, but for all that has happened so far, things didn't go exactly as planned. While I have hit the mile stones and goals I wanted for myself, the details along the way were different then I had expected they would be. It must be true what they say about you making plans and God laughing, because at the end of the day we are all going to get the experiences on this earth that we need, and that he wants for us. I have had very profound moments in my life where God completely derailed and halted my plans, and while that seemed devastating at the moment, I can look back now and thank him. I don't think I can thank him enough actually.

It can be so difficult to remember that everything happens in God's timing. What we think we want or need, is not always what is meant for us. For example, I have been raised in a culture that puts such a huge emphasis on families and raising children, and I have always wanted that. I think I get a little too caught up into the culture of my religion sometimes because it is hard not to compare. Both of mine and Trevor's parents were almost done having all of their kids by our age, so while we look incredibly young to the outside world, in my reality, I feel like I am little older. I know how illogical that thinking is, but it is how I feel and I have tried very hard to break that mind set. We each have our own unique story and experience in life and I can't base my life on how others did things. I know that I have made every decision in my life based on that spirit guiding me.

2014 was a rough year for a variety of reasons. I wouldn't describe myself as an anxious person, in fact I would say I am usually the polar opposite of an anxious person. But in 2014 certain things happened that caused me to develop anxiety in a way I had never experienced or knew existed, and it was incredibly challenging to move forward. It took months, but once I was able to let go of the fact that I couldn't control other people's decisions, things my body was (or wasn't) doing, what happened to me, just everything, that anxiety began to dissipate and I started to feel like my old self again. Seriously, the second I let myself just decide to let life happen, just let the cards fall where they may, everything changed. Just like that.