Rocksbox & First Month Free Code


Have you ladies seen some of your favorite bloggers and social media gals sporting some Rocksbox jewelry lately? Rocksbox is the premiere destination to borrow jewelry before you buy. For a monthly fee, Rocksbox Insiders receive a highly curated box of designer jewelry with the option to borrow, buy or swap at any time. They feature 30+ amazing designers including Kendra Scott, House of Harlow, Gorjana, and Loren Hope.

To start I took a little style "taste test" as I like to call it, for them to gather the different types of jewelry I like and get an idea of what my taste is. You can be as specific or as broad as you like. They carry so many amazing pieces and the box they sent me had three pieces that I LOVED. It was nice to try them all out so I could see which pieces I would actually wear the most. I can tell you right now these earrings were worn on the daily, and so that tells me that they would be a great purchase for me. The dainty little bars were subtle enough for everyday, but also unique so they weren't boring. I loved them. This necklace, while amazing, I am obviously not wearing a statement necklace like this as much as some dainty earrings. But it got compliments when I wore it for sure! It is a statement piece for a reason! Being able to test them out for a bit gives you a better idea of what you want before you buy it. I can't tell you how many times I have bought something thinking I will use it and love it a lot and then, I don't. Oh and can we talk about this bracelet, that beautiful blue just popped with everything I wore and I have received so many compliments on it. 

Not sure if you are totally sold? Experience it free of charge! You can get your first month free by signing up HERE and using CODE: crowleypartyxoxo Seriously, at least try it out, you will love receiving a little gift of goodies to revamp your wardrobe! :) 



21 Weeks Pregnancy Update


How far along: I am 21 weeks and 5 days

How big is baby: The size of a Pomegranate!

Weight Gain: 20 pounds! I realized I hadn't been counting my weight from my first appointment so I made sure to ask this time. 20 pounds sounds like a lot to me, but my nurse said it is exactly where they want me to be. In fact they have started measuring me now and she told me that my stomach is measuring at 19 weeks, which isn't alarming or anything, just a little smaller than most woman at 21 weeks. So everything looks healthy and on track! 

Stretch marks: Let's talk about something for a minute, and I am going to be really blunt here. From the very beginning of my pregnancy I felt like my boobs were on fire. Before I even knew I was pregnant I was positive I was because of how bad it was. By two months of pregnancy I had some stretch marks on my chest from how fast they had grown. I knew they had grown at a crazy fast rate, but I didn't know just how much until I finally did some new bra shopping with my mom last week. I went from not even a full A cup to a D cup! In about two months! Holy. Crap. I was floored. No wonder my old bra was killing me, I honestly don't know how I was still able to wear it, haha.

Sleep: My hips people, my hips! Sleeping on your side with a pregnant belly SUCKS! haha Sometimes I will roll over to my back just to get some relief and Trevor will then notice and tell me that I am not suppose to sleep on my back... the struggle is real people! The struggle is real!

Craving: Lately I have been craving, like crazy, Rita's Mango Gelati with Vanilla Custard... um, yum. Can't. Get. Enough.

Random: At my doctors appointment this week they kept finding the heart beat and then she would move, and they would have to find where she turned to, and she would move again, haha. The nurse said she was being naughty and it was kind of hilarious how she kept tossing and turning away from the Heart Doppler.

Feeling: Still feeling pretty shocked that we are having a GIRL. I guess deep down I must have expected it to be a boy because over a week later and I still catch myself going... a girl?! Now that I know what I am having I thought I would start incorporating more journal like entries to these updates, kind of how I did back in the beginning. I just want to make sure I have those thoughts documented as well, along with these fun updates. A lot of people do letters to their little one or something like that, I might do a mix but today I thought it would be pretty fun to officially have something down on "paper" (I plan on printing these all off and making a book) for our daughter to read through one day!

Koh Samui เกาะสมุย - Thailand


Yes, that would be a scuba mask mark on my forehead haha :)

I can't believe it has taken me almost a year exactly to finish blogging about our trip to Thailand! My bad! Life got a tad nuts after we got back, me getting a new job, Trevor working full time at his new firm, house hunting, and then moving! Oh yeah and then getting pregnant. Trevor, who I swear almost never reads this blog, was getting after me the other day because I hadn't finished blogging about our trip to Thailand! haha So that is when you know it is bad. It has been hard to finish these up because I want to do each place justice and I spend a lot of time recapping everything. Time is something I don't have a lot of these days, but since Trevor got on my case, here is the next part of our trip, almost exactly a year later, oops! And beware, there are a TON of photos! haha

Elephants in Chiang Mai

The next morning we didn't have enough time to go into town for breakfast because we needed to catch our flight. Conveniently the hostel we were staying at had a little bar and restaurant in the main garden and we ordered a quick breakfast there. They also called a taxi for us, talk about service! The meal was great and we finished up just as our taxi pulled up. Soon we were at the airport on our way to Koh Samui, the last leg of our trip! It was hard to say goodbye to Chiang Mai. We just loved it there so much and we wish we could have stayed longer.

The airline we were using to fly to Koh Samui called themselves a "boutique airline." I didn't really know what that meant but when Trevor said there was a special lounge in the airport for us to wait at until our flight, I was intrigued. It did not disappoint. The lounge was beautiful. Clean, spacious, modern, and there was food! They had drinks and a variety of snacks for you. Of course I dove head first into those, and did I mention they had wifi? Wifi while in an international airport for over an hour is pretty special. While in the lounge we started researching the best beaches on the island and where we wanted to go first and do once we got there. We were getting excited about heading to the really relaxing part of the vacation.