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Posted on: 4.15.2014


These pants were a stretch for me. For years I didn't wear things that seemed too out of the box or different. I stuck with the classics. But I have found that when I tried new things I learned more about my personal style. I really got to see what I liked on me, and what I didn't. These pants are a trend I wasn't so sure about, but after wearing them around for a bit I think I like it! These pants are SO comfortable! I was looking for something flowy and soft for traveling around Thailand. I love the floral print, and wide leg. In the world of skinny jeans these were such a nice change. Consider me converted.


Posted on: 4.14.2014

I don't know what it is about Spring and Easter that draws me to pastels. While I love bright colors, there is something so pretty about muted tones. I especially love a good pastel pink! Here is a round up of some pretty pink pastels that have caught my eye :)

A. B. C. D. E. F.


Posted on: 4.13.2014

SHOES: FOREVER21 (Only $12!)

Even though we had one serious thunderstorm last night, the weather around here has actually been gorgeous. I even got sun burned the other day, SUN BURNED! This month I have been living in these shoes. Forever 21 has done it again with their affordable foot wear. These white sneaks go with everything and for that price? You basically need them. They are perfect for slipping on and heading to the park or going for a walk down main street. Paired with some comfy jeans and this relaxed top from Elli Clothing, I could have fallen asleep in this getup!


Posted on: 4.10.2014

Right now, while most people are enjoying Spring Break, Trevor is in the thick of studying for finals and I am trying to manage a to-do list that I am wading in knee deep. I don't know what it is about April but even though I graduated from college back in 2011, I always seem to be scrambling during this month. At this moment I wish I could split myself into four different me's to get everything done, and done right. I have been standing too long in the place of "managing" everything and am ready to start feeling like I am "killing it" again. 

But isn't this the story of life? Finding the balance and the consistency? I have recently had a sort of epiphany when it comes to life, well my life anyways. And believe it or not it came through my current journey to take control of my health back. At the start of the year I talked about how I am the queen of yo-yo weight loss. Over the last four years I have gone up and down multiple times throughout the year a good 15 pounds. Learning the differences between my teenage body and coming into a woman's body came with its challenges. But it all has come down to consistency.

Sure, we have our bad days, it doesn't mean we throw in the towel for the rest of the week. I used to do this. But treating each new day like a fresh start has made all the difference, and I am realizing that this doesn't just apply to weight loss. It applies to our relationships, our spiritual growth, everything. Often I am extremely critical and hard on myself. There have been nights where Trevor attempts to comfort me while I just wallow in all the things I know I could do better, or want to change about myself. Trying to become better day by day can be overwhelming on a person, and I know I am just one of many women out there who have a melt down every now and then. But how often do we take a step back and look at our progress? Whoa. Did you see how far you just came? Do you SEE that? 

Right now I might feel like I am failing at a lot of things, but I also know that I can't throw in the towel right now because consistency is where growth lies. If I can stay consistent even through the times it is harder to be, I will make it out the other end. I honestly didn't mean to sit down and write out this emotional post, but I guess that is just where my head and heart is at this morning. I want to give us all a pat on the back. Sometimes life gets stressful, it gets challenging and we wonder where all of our hard work has even taken us if we have found ourselves in "this" spot again. Take a look back and pat yourself on the back. You HAVE grown. You HAVE come further. And this is just another moment for you to continue to do that. Be consistent and keep on moving. 

I am pretty sure I just wrote this post for me, and not necessarily for you. But hopefully one of you needed it right now as well. Cheers :)

Sharing Style : Burst of Summer

Posted on: 4.08.2014


Let's face it, usually we just want to be comfortable. Jeans and a t-shirt are probably what most of us wear on a day to day basis. One of the easiest ways to take your casual outfits to the next level is by pairing your tee with a statement piece. Make that earrings or a great necklace and you instantly look more put together! Take for example this stunning piece from Mindy Mae's Market!

The Burst of Summer Necklace is just that, a burst of color and spunk to liven up my boring old tee. I love the color and glitz it so easily adds to my outfit. I have been wearing this non stop! This beautiful necklace even comes in a clear crystal version, which adds so much glamor to any outfit. A great statement necklace is a must in any wardrobe! :)

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